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Simple Vegetable Sandwich Recipe

Perhaps the best part of making pizza sauce is the flexibility it allows when it comes to flavor. For those cooks who prefer a simple sauce, you can certainly create something very straightforward with the seasonings of your choice.

Others who are looking for something with a little more depth of flavor can reach for fresh herbs, garlic cloves, red chilli flakes & black pepper for some heat.

Fresh herbs provide a robust flavor when you have them on hand, though dried herbs certainly have their place in this process.For those cooks who love garlic, nothing beats the punch of flavor it brings to your cooking, so use freshly chopped garlic. But garlic powder can offer a subtle nuance if used sparingly.

Finally, crushed black pepper & red chilli flakes can provide a desired level of heat to the pizza sauce. Even cayenne pepper can be used if you love the deeper color and depth of flavors it provides.

The point here is that homemade pizza sauce is customizable to your liking.There are many ways to give your sauce a character. A good, full-bodied olive oil is best for maximum flavor that can really shine in your pizza sauce. However you may use any other for convenience.

Simple Vegetable Sandwich Recipe

Adding sugar will steer your sauce into a sweeter direction, while an unsweetened sauce will allow the acidity of the tomatoes to come through. You have total control over the taste and that is something you cannot get from a jar.

Most of us often prefer making something with bread either for breakfast or snack as they are fairly easy & quick to make. Sometimes we end up having surplus bread and do look for simple ideas to use it up. In this post I have compiled together 25 delicious bread recipes that can help you use up your bread. Most of these can be made for breakfast or snack.So far I have shared about 60 recipes using bread but I have kept this post short by compiling only 25 of them here.

Mayonnaise sandwich recipe under 10 minutes. Make this ultimate veg mayo sandwich with crisp toasted bread, crunchy veggies, creamy mayo and spices to flavor up. This recipe makes the best breakfast sandwich that is super-fast to make on a busy morning. Mayonnaise sandwiches are most commonly served in eateries, cafes & fast food chains. These are made in numerous ways and tagged with different names.

This is a simplest recipe for mayonnaise sandwich made with minimal ingredients like bread, vegetables, spices and herbs which are mostly pantry staples. These sandwiches are crunchy, creamy, flavor-packed and so delicious!! These can be made without a bread toaster, sandwich maker or an oven.

The basic mayonnaise sandwiches served in some cafes are made without toasting the bread. So if you don’t fancy the crisp toasted bread then you may just make the filling and spread it on the bread slices and serve.

The filling is made by just mixing the fine chopped veggies with mayo and flavouring ingredients. I have shared a few variations and substitutes for the recipe so you can easily make it for your entire family. This is also a kids’ friendly recipe so it is a family favourite at my home. These mayonnaise sandwiches are great to serve for a breakfast or snack. If making for a meal then simply make a double decker sandwich.

Mince 1 garlic clove, chop 1 green chili and ¼ of a medium onion (2 tablespoons fine chopped). Add all of these to a mixing bowl. Squeeze 1 tablespoon lemon juice & mix well. Lemon juice removes the pungent smell from garlic and onions. However if your mayo is too sour then skip the lemon juice.

Prepare the other veggies of your choice and add them to the bowl. I have used ¼ cup butter lettuce and ¼ cup chopped red capsicum here. You can also use shredded cabbage, carrots, boiled sweet corn etc. You can use about ½ cup in total.

Add ¼ teaspoon crushed black pepper, ¼ to ½ teaspoon red chili flakes, ¼ cup mayo (about 4 tablespoons) and ¼ teaspoon mustard powder. If you do not have mustard you can skip it, but I feel it adds lot of aroma to the filling. Mix all the ingredients. The filling is ready. Taste test and add more of chilli, pepper or mayo etc.

Butter the bread slices and toast on a large griddle until golden and crisp. You can also skip toasting. You can also just butter the bread, then fill the sandwich and toast in sandwich maker.

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